Friday, September 18, 2009

Pots on Parade

It’s that time again! We’re slowly building a collection of handmade pots to fire up! Here are a few pictures; Above are a few larger of the ‘round’ pot designs we’ve come up with, also my attempt at a handmade ‘Oval’ without doing it with slabs. (Wish I had now!) Also a ‘turtle’ pot from Aaron – some nice etching on the sides (we’ll show that off once it’s glazed and finished)

Aaron designed a really beautiful pot a week or so ago – a shallow round with a slight ‘drum’ curve to the lip. What’s really incredible is that he fashioned all 3 legs as separate ‘tree’ legs with branches, then attached them to the pot and molded them in. It dried upside down and we’re not wanting it to rest on the legs until it’s fired initially. (They are stable – but can’t be too safe with clay)

Here’s my attempt at a small Cascade style pot – I molded it from a paintbrush holder/vase my wife has. I lost some of the form in the middle but was able to rough out an interesting lip. I’m thinking this will be a ‘Shohin’ Cascade pot, but we’ll see how big a tree I can get in there! :)

Fresh pots – still wet from making last night. Here I have a decent ‘copy’ of Aaron’s infamous ‘round’ pot that I so love.. Also my first attempt at a somewhat deep ‘drum’ pot. I have alot to learn about making a drum pot I can see..

Aaron decided he wanted to make a very big pot – with strong masculine features. He decided on a rectangle, and then took it a step further. He’s stuck clay ‘bricks’ on the side to give the impression of an old brick wall where the bricks have fallen away revealing the mortared surface underneath. Looks really great, and it’s not even dry yet. Once it gets more solid it’ll be flipped and legs attached.

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