Saturday, May 1, 2010

Japanese Boxwood - Now a true Bonsai

Well, it's becoming 'more' of a bonsai, I'll say that.  :)   This is the apex of my experience so far - of bonsai and homemade pottery combined.  In this instance this pot is actually the creation of my best friend Aaron, which I'll revisit as this post goes.    I finally feel like I am getting somewhere...  :)

Before - the Tree Trunk Pot of Aarons

This pots beginnings are better detailed in this post. 

Here are some finished pictures - glazed and ready for use.  Love this pot, Aaron's work on the trunks and branches that work into the foilage on the rim, is appreciated better in person..  The glazing is beautiful!

Picture from last season

This tree's beginnings are detailed in this post. 

Japanese boxwood before the transformation

This is a picture today that I took before my work.  The wire came off, and as you can see it survived the unusual winter we had very well, with a great deal of new growth showing.

Vast root reduction

As you can see, I reduced the roots a great deal vertically, so that it will fit into it's new home.  I did this by gently raking out the roots, sort of like picking hair apart from a bad perm (lol).  It was easy, as it seemed this tree wanted to be a bonsai; it has a very fiberous root system, with no real large, obnoxious roots that I had to wither down!  

Pot is prepared with wire and layer of soil

Something I've inspired Aaron to do in his future pot designs, is to add holes for 'wire'.  On this pot, I'm snaking wire through it's drainage holes to help hold the root ball down in the pot.  Ready for the tree!

Japanese Boxwood - in new home

I'm so excited!  This went so well; I've planned this tree's future out in my mind since my first work on this tree last year - and knew after Aaron's pot was glazed that this Boxwood would find it's home here; To work through the process with patience and to have a result like this - I can say I think that this is my 1st 'real' bonsai created on my own, from start to well.   Not finished, but looking like a bonsai.  There is still alot of work ahead; some more reduction, and then beginning the full ramification that I have planned for this tree.  It's future is an Informal style bonsai, with heavy ramification reducing the leaf size dramatically.

Close up of the trunk wired to hold root ball

Closer look at the base, the wire threaded through the root ball and gently twisted around the trunk, the soil (80% inorganic, 20% organic), and a nice little rock for effect (I dig rocks in the bonsai pots, the right rock can add depth and increase the image of landscape for the pot itself).

Yay!  A fun day and a productive, exciting experience.  Thanks to my wife for letting me indulge time today!  :)


  1. Hola JayVee:

    Te queda muy bien el buxus en tu maceata de cerámica. Felicidades.


  2. Thank you Fran! I checked out your blog, very excited to read about the bonsai event that happened this past weekend. Also very excited to hear about the children doing Bonsai - this is a dream of mine to have a bonsai/pottery studio, with a workshop where classes could be held (specifically I had children in mind!)


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