Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Alberta Spruce reveals itself

I got this little tree, for $1 in the discards at a nursery.  It was half brown, and looked like it had no future other than the compost pile..  But I took it in feeling bad for it sitting there all alone.   After a year of reviving it back to good health with new growth popping everywhere, I thought it time to turn this 'mini christmas tree' into the beginnings of a Bonsai.  This is a Dwarf Alberta Spruce.

As you can see alot of wild growth, and if you notice, it's apex branches are..  well non-existant!  This is the part of the tree that 'had' died (it's crown).  

Again I haven't wired yet, I want to 'see' what it's going to do after such a reduction.  You can see the top of the trunk has been jinned back to the line of bark still living.  The side branches will be reduced more in the future hopefully after new growth appears.

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