Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Canadian Hemlock Bonsai takes form

I was in the midst of a bonsai creation flurry, and did not get a good 'before' shot of this plant - but if you've seen Canadian Hemlock at nurseries, then you know what this looked like.  Here's a pic when I realized I should be taking pictures - you can see the mound of growth I've already taken off at this point.

Looks rather lonely there in the pot!

I wired up the 2 main branches, and did a little more trimming.  This species interests me because of it's close resemblance to Yew trees, albiet this Canadian hemlock seems a bit daintier.  I have a good image in mind of where to take this one, but for now it has a shady spot and will get plenty of time for it to decide where to go.


  1. This tree is going to look great in a bonsai pot nice work!

  2. It looks like the tree could turn out quite nice. I was wondeing if you had any advice with regard to working with hemlock (I have yet to come across many people who do). Also , would love to see an update.


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