Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cascade Juniper #1 revisited

Here is the earliest photo I can find that shows the tree already somewhat styled, and in it's first (and current) pot.  This is a really nice, solid North Korean clay pot that I found while on one of our yearly vacations at The Outer Banks in North Carolina.  

As you can see - not much direction yet.  To me though at the time it was great - my first cascade wiring at that.

Here it was before I styled it further: 

Now it's just an overgrown juniper in a pot!  Time to get to work..

Now, it looks like a tree with some potential..

Now it has a real cascading branch, albeit small - it's evident now.

Also has a real apex started, and a jin of a previously large branch that was just going nowhere.  It's yellow as I just applied the lime sulphur, I was anxious to get a photo and didn't even wait for it to dry and start to turn white.

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