Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cascade Juniper #2

I've had this strong juniper bush since last year- began to work on reducing it then stopped abruptly early in the year.  Well I came back to it a few weeks ago, here are the pictures.

Beginning point

Really decent nursery tree, actually.  You could hardly see the black pot when I first bought it, what you see now is what I left on the tree, with about 6 months of fall, winter, and spring growth plumped back on.

Now time for some fun styling!

(Yes, better photo settings are in mind next time; white sheets, better lighting - this was all I could quickly put underneath the tree to allow it to stretch while I wired!)  This took a few hours of non-stop clipping, pinching, and wiring.   

The top, now has direction and a few options.  the far back branch will eventually be reduced, letting it grow wild a bit to thicken the main branch out some.

Most, of the cascading branch.  

The bottom portion of the cascading branch.

This was a fun and truly rewarding learning experience.  My 2nd cascade tree; time to let it grow back, begin pinching and begin ramification of the pads.  Continue to work the top, and thicken some of the top lower branches.


  1. Very nice work I really like where you went with yours. I think yours is alittle bit longer than the one I have , I plan on letting mine grow out for awhile and see where it goes.

  2. So what does the tree look like now? Did it survive the pruning? Because I have one that's very similar and I just pruned it as much and re-potted it.


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