Sunday, September 5, 2010

2 Angels and 1 little tree

With all new toys or gadgets, comes some testing and breaking in.   From a 2mp original iPhone camera to a 8mp htc incredible camera - I think my blog pics are going to look a 'little' better.  I can even make movies to throw on Youtube and link to.

Isabelle  (4 1/2), Maggie  (6 1/2), little Japanese Boxwood in the center.    (If I don't add the halves, they get upset!)  My little Angels!  My wife and I are very blessed - owed a karmic debt; what have you, they are the brightest little spirits in the world to me.

Which makes for a more interesting front view?  Currently in my mind it's the left photo - what do you think?

More cheesing girl photos.  :)

Have a safe Labor Day weekend everyone!


  1. Congratulations Jay to you and your wife. You have two beautifull girls.

  2. Thank you Fran - I wouldn't ask for anything different about them - they are gems!


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