Monday, September 20, 2010

My Shohin Boxwood

Beautiful material from Plant City Bonsai that I picked up recently.  It's very small compared to what I normally play with, but I'm rather pleased with the instant 'bonsai' appeal this has created.  

As you can see with it sitting in the palm of my hand, roots and all after removing from it's starter pot - tiny!

I also picked this little pot up at Plant City, by a local artist I will have to track down her name.  I really admire her mame pots, I will be purchasing more of them my next visit for sure.    Here it is from one possible 'front' view.

And here from another 'front' view.  From this direction it gives the impression of a much wider base, I think this is it.   I will let the tree get settled into the pot and recover from it's root trim, and probably let winter go by and spring begin before I start really working on it.  I want to keep it right at the height it's at, but just reduce and ramify the branch structure a bit more, and try to layer it to have more of a 'cloud' effect, not round but 'puffs' of leaf pads here and there.

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