Saturday, February 5, 2011

Juniper coming along

Slowly making changes through the winter to my Juniper I worked on last year at the Warren Hill bonsai session at Plant City Bonsai.  I need to find a good (easy) art program to use to 'model' trees as I see some people doing.  (This would be much better than me trying to learn to draw - Zero chance there, I confess.)

A few pics after the latest (and last major) branch removal, some minor wiring (deciding where to take the back branch before I begin detailed wiring, which it does need), and a guy wire here or there to position some branches where I'd like them to park for a while.  

Then a close up of the Trunk, and a good view of the tree's rather nice character branches.  They add to the flow/motion of the tree, and the one that moves to the back adds depth.  Still work to do on the Jins, I'm still learning and looking up 'when' to do 'what' (or at least good guidelines).  The health is the most important so it will be slow going on this one, maybe a rest throughout the next year to regain vigour after all the work it's had done the past few months.

I simply cannot wait for warmer weather, blooming, repotting..   Hands in the earth!

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