Friday, February 18, 2011

Shohin Boxwood and another Shohin Privet

1st off is the privet - again one of my 'training' trees, working it into a typical broom style.  The 2nd is a tiny Boxwood that I started work on last year.  Both get defoliated and some direction (boxwood with cutting, privet with wiring).

Should be a quick tree to form; from here forward it's reduction and ramification, and some work on making a nabari appear.    This is another training pot I made in 2008.

Found a better front for it, cleaned up downward branches, and thinned it out so it can 'breathe' better.  The pot is by Sage Smith.   Really like her work I'll be picking up more of her pots soon.

1-2 more weeks and it will be re-potting time for most of my bonsai species.  I'm almost out of deciduous trees to work on, time to move into the junipers.  I want to get most of my bonsai's reduction and basic wiring done before the growth season kicks in strong, which will also be when I strip off any wire that I put on now.

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