Saturday, March 19, 2011

A few things in the garden

Just a few pictures from the garden - all pre-bonsai material and 'experimental' stages for me.  I'm enjoying the learning process!

A row of mostly trident maples in 2gal pots - these all have a future in a large forest I'm planning for them.  Further to the left is a American Elm, a large privet with a good nebari cut very low, and a 'rose of sharon' near the end.   Near the bottom you can see plant markers - I'll show my seedling progress next week, but so far - doing really, really well.  I planted numerous things - and am getting numerous results!

A close up of the left side of the left garden.  Can see a few large privet trunks, a Maple forefront left, and still not sure quite what the heck it is in center but it's interesting, so I'm working on it until I can see the leaves better this year to identify. 

This tree fooled me.  I thought I'd brought home a really large Sweetgum Maple in the middle of winter, but this turns out to look like it's a paperbark birch instead.  Which is exciting as it's doing really well, and is at the point where it should begin ex-foilating bark in the next few years!   You can see numerous buds up and down on the wood - it's coming to life.

Right side of the garden, more 2gal pots with some Junipers far right, some jap maples center, and more tridents on the left.  In the ground - are about 100 trident maples, a row of jap maples, a row of assorted local specimens (crepe myrtle, elm, birch), and some sweetgum maples far right.   These, are my future trees to play with many years to come.  Some will go into big 3-5gal pots, many will go into the ground in other places for 'wild' growth growing, and some will just be used as trees in the yard!  (Tridents are beautiful, with 
great colors in fall from yellow to orange to red!)

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