Saturday, April 2, 2011

Tulip Poplar Bonsai Forest - Update

Still need 3-5 more little saplings, almost there.  This is sort of a test - Tulip Poplar generally don't make the best of bonsai due to the enormous leaf size.  Not to mention the flowers once they mature which give the appearance of a tulip - hence the informal species name.  However those can always be properly removed, the tree will still thrive and leaf yearly.  They do reduce decently when potted however it's still a sizable leaf size, and would be hard to convince as a bonsai unless it was a very large specimen - or used in a forest setting!  That's my idea - to make a Forest, and take advantage of a 'canopy' of the leaves and develop the lower branches with wiring to give them the effect of being a large forest of poplars.

Here are a few pics of the crop - all of these are survivors (except the 2 tiny ones) of the harsh winter here and are bursting with new buds.  The 2 tiny ones I pulled up this year before the buds opened, these will be used on the edge of the forest and in the back to give depth.

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