Sunday, April 10, 2011

Japanese Boxwood Bonsai gets needed springtime cleaning

I've worked on this tree since purchasing as nursery stock almost 2 years ago.  Pot created by my best friend Aaron, the legs are tree trunks that wind up into the top of the pot's rim. 

A view before work begins.   This little tree created lot of seeds over the fall/winter that I did not attend to and remove.  It's time to pinch them all off and let the tree regain some vigor. 

Here is a pile of the seeds I pinched off.   Don't think I will let that happen this year, seems to really impact the tree's growth later in the season and it's awakening in springtime.   

 All the seeds are off, some leaves pinched here or there that were extremely large.  This is a view from the tree's rear.  However, it does have an appeal to me as possibly a new front view?

A view from the current front.   What do you think, which view gives the best 'front' view??

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