Sunday, April 10, 2011

Privet Double-Trunk Bonsai gets a little work

Here is a Privet that I've been training into bonsai for about 2 years now since collection.  A Privet with 2 trunks.  I've hollowed out both trunks to give the impression of natural damage/age.  Now it's time for some branch moving and a little pinching before full spring/summer growth kicks in.

Before work begins.  Pot created by my best friend Aaron, the infamous 'brick' pot.

View of the larger trunk with some carving done.  Fire applied to give appearance of natural causes and to 'age' the open deadwood.  I use a paintbrush to blend in the ashes and brunt crust into the wood that I've then carved.  This view shows a few branches that I'm going to move today.

A view from the rear, or, another possible 'front' view?  Pinching done on most branches past 2 terminals.  A few were left to grow to help thicken a few precise branches.  Can see I've brought a few branches down on the left side now, and applied a little wire.

That's it for this go-around.   In May this tree will get a heavy defoliation to reduce leaf size and aid ramification of this tree.

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