Saturday, May 14, 2011

Privet Bonsai Spring Maintenance

Haven't had much time to work on bonsai, however this Privet deserved a visit from the scissors.  Going to clean up alot of the free growth, and partially defoliate to reduce leaf size to spur further back-branching and ramification of the crown/apex.

 Before work begins, looking a bit wild.

Trimming and defoliation complete. 
View of the hollow I'm working on over time to carve into the main trunk. 


  1. It's interesting to see and read about how you look after your bonsais.They are really lovely.

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  2. Olá JayVee!
    Me encanta seus trabalhos com estas pequenas árvores, estou passeando pelo seu blog, é
    agradavel, lindas fotos, Parabéns!


  3. Can you tell us more about creating hollows. I'm very interested in this but find little information online about it.


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