Saturday, December 22, 2012

Still here - Holiday update

As many of my fellow friends of the bonsai hobby (lifestyle for those of us with too much material!) know; sometimes there are spans of times where a lot is happening and there are endless things to share..  Then there are times where your trees are taking a bit of a rest;  growing out, getting healthy, getting thicker, healing from pot transfers - and the likes.

This spring promises to be a neck reddening time for me.  I have so much material ready for re-potting, so many things ready to go from planters into their first bonsai pot; so many things to transplant from the ground that I've been nursing from seed for the past 3-4 years - into their first planter pots.

It's going to be passion re-ignition all over again.  :)

Happy Holidays to everyone; travel safe, hug your families tight, and I'll see you in a few months!


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