Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Rose of Sharon Bonsai getting used to new pot

This rhododendron 'Rose of Sharon' is pretty interesting..  They exhibit large lovely purple flowers in the late summer into fall.  This one last season started to show flowers which I promptly clipped so as not to direct any energy into them.  Recently moved into this as it's first bonsai pot from a 2 gallon planter pot, I've let it grow out a bit as it gets itself rooted and happy.

Next spring..   Time for a haircut, and I think next Summer/Fall a flower show if I do things right.

Looking a bit wild - but getting well rooted and stable for it's haircut next Spring.

Example of the leaves dwarfing due to living in a pot;  the leaf I am holding is from another tree of the same species that grows outside my house as a decorative flowering bush (this tree started as a sapling that survived a mowing, and then caught my attention....)   :D

This pot is another of my friend Aaron's creations.  3 legs that appear as tree trunks that wind around it with thick branches into the darker green of the rim as it's leaves. 

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