Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Japanese Boxwood - better view

Japanese Boxwood #1

A few people were really interested to see a better picture of this tree (The photos I used last time I kept small so I could try to 'spice up' the blog post!). Here's a better picture - I really like the image this little tree is sending me!


  1. Hi! I found your blog through BlogExplosion. I've reviewed it on Blog Catalog, favorited it, and added you to my Friends there. I also linked to your blog on my LiveJournal. If you enjoy other topics in gardening and/or spirituality, you might want to drop by a couple of my blogs:

    Gaiatribe: Ideas for a Thinking Planet

    The Wordsmith's Forge

  2. Thanks for visiting and the review - you have indeed spotted 2 of my interests and passions these days - I'll be stopping by your pages to take them in, certainly. :)



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