Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tree underneath the Nursery beginnings - Informal Juniper #2

Juniper 'Blaauw'

Original picture of the tree, straight from the Nursery, and taking some time to get healthy. This little tree caught my eye, I love the motion in the trunk.. I've been nursing it to good health for a few months now, it felt right to go ahead and begin it's styling, as I also have a nice home for it in the 'Log Pot' - at least a starting home as it's root reduction begins.

Informal Juniper Beginnings

I will be leaving it in the pot throughout winter I do believe, as it's too close to the end of the year for such a cutback and root pruning at the same time in my opinion with this species (This isn't Privet!). A few branches were left to work some Jin into - look forward to working on this one again next year. This tree will go into the new 'Log Pot' that was made with the last batch of Pots.


  1. came across your blog on botb... really excellent stuff! i look forward to atopping back.



  2. Hey Scotty! I just bumped into 'your' blog on botb as well! Nice Sync - I enjoyed reading your many hiakus and the pics associated with them. Very Zenful page, I'll be stopping by more often. :)


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