Saturday, August 8, 2009

Tulip poplar

Huge Tulip Poplar in my back yard - we have a few of them, and unrestrained growth and a river beyond. A bonsai collectors paradise in the form of yamadori galore. This tree gives me much Inspiration for the tiny tulip poplars that are just beginning in the 'hopeful garden'. I will have to measure, but I would estimate easily 100-120' Tall, with a diameter at the base of 10'+. I will measure soon and show - it's a Giant. (Notice the slope - we're on the edge of a flood plain, I'll have to show a pic from 5 years ago - there were 4 remnants of hurricanes that hit us in the time of 2 months - the floodwaters after the last 1 were halfway up this hill, easily 30'+ above flood level of the river way down below). Little River in Woodstock, GA, is what's behind us - wasn't so 'little!')

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